About the EIC


Welcome to “A Quick Reid,” a place for me to show my best works to date and to freely express my opinions on matters of entertainment, journalism and life overall.

I’m a recent graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism with a focus in Magazine Writing while being one class away from getting a Sociology minor (that has to count for something). I’ve been writing for other people for more than five years now, including UproxxThe UndefeatedComic Book ResourcesThe Black Youth Project and more.

After all this time writing for other people, I’ve made the grave mistake of forgetting to write for myself.This is my attempt to get back to it. So, I’m re-opening AQuickReid in 2017 with the hopes that it’ll become something special.

If things go as planned, AQR will become where I house all of the work that I made for myself and made the decision to share. That could include reviews, in-depth analyses of pop culture and even the early workings of – gasp – a book or two!

Hopefully you enjoy reading what I come up with as much as I will writing it.

With Best Regards,

Keith Reid-Cleveland

AQR Editor-in-Chief

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